Blog Post #1: Letting Go…

20180827_185417So …. the goal of this blog was to document and share ALL of my research activities in the DMV (DC-MD-VA). However, I soon realized that there was just TOO much activity to process, capture, and relay appropriately. (Most days, I’m lucky to make it through the intense work I’ve scheduled for myself. *sigh*)  Instead, I will use this medium to capture some gripes, victories, lessons learned, etc. that comes with doing fieldwork as well as glimpses of my journey as an aspiring filmmaker / storyteller.

Through sharing these moments of venting and processing what I would (hope to) do better in the future, I hope this encourages and assists others on the same journey. These tips are in no way a ONE SIZE FITS ALL or guru-like interpretation of what one SHOULD do. Nah! If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that fieldwork is the biggest test of one’s inner control freak, as there is SO much you cannot control and must just accept.  And thus, to some degree, it’s a great teacher of surviving life in general!

Lesson #1: If you can set a flexible intention, plan what you can, and then let go and surrender to the process, you can begin to find creativity and joy in the chaotic process of fieldwork and research.

~T. Marquise



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