My Hobbies and Interests

In many ways, I am lucky! As my everyday passions and curiosities fuel my research. When I am not reading, writing, or preparing for conferences, I enjoy traveling, performing / dancing (flamenco, ATS and Datura-style Belly Dance, and Lindy Hop Swing), as well as all things cinema (especially documentaries). My goal is touch every continent TWICE! (I have 3 thus far — my fave: Costa Rica and Ireland!!!) My next dream trip is ITALY, maybe a graduate gift, eh? But, until then my weekly treat entails taking myself to the movies, and I do not just watch. I learn — i.e., I observe the cinematographic elements, skills in editing, and the overall directorial vision. I hope to produce my own ethnographic film / ethnographic YouTube series that will bring Anthropology to public audiences.

In terms of my advocacy endeavors, research shows that many minorities are still underrepresented in both the academy and the least likely to travel abroad. I want to be part of the solution that addresses this problem. I hope to provide mentorship, scholastic and career development workshops, as well as travel abroad opportunities (including field schools) for these groups.

As noted, I am a student of life! And as someone who is constantly learning, I’m always seeking inspiration from those who have come before me or who create positive models for me to follow. Thus, I have include a space dedicated to the academics, artists, and advocacy platforms that inspire me to excel at what I do.  Please peruse their work via the links below, as they are truly amazing.  I hope they inspire you too!

Spoken SoulIntimate GrammarTalkin n TestifyinHeSaidSheSaidPhdToPhdThe E Word

Academics & Their Work

Influential researchers and their work

Documentary & Ethnographic Films

Performance & Verbal Art 

Spoken Word Poetry



A history of …
Estella — my awesome instructor
Flamenco Furia — Estella’s professional company

Lindy Hop

A history of …
Gotta Swing
Some Lindy Inspirations

Advocacy and Social Justice

*Check back often for new additions.

**See my research blog for more details on the fieldwork project that is progress, or visit my research page for a synopsis of my research history as well as a few ideas that are in the works!