PhD     Anthropology (Specialization in Linguistic Anthropology), University of South Carolina, Fall 2018 (expected)

MA       Linguistics (Concentrations in Linguistic Anthropology and Sociolinguistics), University of South Carolina, Fall 2016

MA       English (Concentration in Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University, Aug. 2008

Thesis Title: “You Done Lost Yo’ Mind, Ain’t No Such Thang as AAVE: Exploring African American Resistance to AAVE.”

Thesis Advisor:  Mary E. Zeigler, PhD

Thesis Committee:  George Pullman, PhD and Carol Marsh-Lockett, PhD

BBA   Computer Information Systems w/ a Minor in Writing, Georgia Southern University, Dec. 2003


Linguistic Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, African American Studies


African American English, Performance and Identity, Oral Traditions and Verbal Arts, Spoken Word Poetry, Language Attitudes, Scholar-Activist Research, Visual Anthropology (Ethnographic Film and Theater)

**For a comprehensive list of my research projects, including publications and conference presentations, please click here for my curriculum vitae.